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    Resources for Ceramic Tile and Stone Projects

    Looking for different tile patterns to use for your project? Click on any of these links to access a variety of tile patterns for floor, wall or backsplash applications.

    The Tile Council of North America

    The Tile Council of North America is trade association representing North American manufacturers of ceramic tile, tile installation materials, tile equipment, raw materials, and other tile-related products. The Tile Council regularly conducts independent research and product testing and also works with regulatory, trade and other government agencies to develop standards and installation guidelines for the tile industry.

    Click here to visit the FAQ page on their website. Here you will find questions and answers for a wide variety of topics and issues regarding tile, tile installations and tile repairs.

    Trends in Ceramic Tile Design

    Looking for the latest trends in the use and design of tile and stone? The popular design website www.houzz.com is an invaluable tool when gathering ideas for home design. It is used by design professionals and homeowners alike. Click here to view a multitude of design ideas for tile in every room of the home.

    Grout Coverage Calculator

    Need to figure out how much grout you will need for a tile installation ? Use this handy grout calculator from Laticrete to estimate how much grout is needed based on the tile size and the grout joint width being used for the installation. Each tab on the worksheet is for a different grout product and container size. Just follow the directions on the top of the page to enter the dimensions of the tile and the grout joint width and the worksheet automatically calculates the total coverage for that container. Please note that other brands of grout may have coverage that varies. Use this claculator as a guide if you are using a product other than Laticrete for your project: Laticrete Grout Coverage Calculator